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Gut gelebt ist besser getagt

Seminars and conferences are back in fashion. But information transfer and training are no longer the only goals of a successful seminar. More and more the organization of the time outside the seminar room decides on success or failure.

He has also stood in front of 10,000 people in an event hall and holds dozens of seminars of various sizes every year. Beat Ambord, marketing and seminar professional, knows what is important: "The technical equipment and the flexibility of the rooms are the basis. But much more important is the way in which you are supported by the host and the ambience and framework offered by the location you choose as a conference venue. After all, the mood and thus the receptiveness and motivation of the participants depends directly on how comfortable they feel outside the seminar room".

Not a word about central location or even a minimum size in terms of the venue. Beat Ambord: "Accessibility by public transport is important. The rest is secondary for me. From this point of view, I have had very good experiences with Saas-Fee and there especially with the Swiss First Alpine Hotels". Accommodation in various price categories, package deals per participant, separate preparation room for the presenter, contemporary rooms and technology, up to the possibility of live streaming of moving pictures via internet and excellent catering are important for Ambord. "The personal attention of the hosts and the feeling that they will do everything they can to solve any problem quickly is, however, the biggest plus of the Schweizerhof", Ambord becomes clear.

In addition to the seminar room, there must also be a wide range of outdoor facilities. Company seminars must have the space and the opportunity to be experience and process-oriented, goal and transfer-oriented. "For Schweizerhof, a company event is a holistic process in which heart, brain and hands are equally involved. I have not found such a service anywhere else in Europe", Beat Ambord is convinced.

He has been able to test the support of this hotel at various events: Outdoor seminars with team development, communication, goals and visions and balance; outdoor incentives with customer loyalty, fun, rewards, company outing and lots of variety or seminar support and process guidance with experienced trainers. But the highlight "is always a seminar at 3500 meters above sea level at the summit meeting in the Arvenzimmer. Ambord's eyes light up.

One thing should not be missing from the generous sporting, cultural and nature-oriented framework: "When cooking in a team with an experience chef, you only notice if a team is working or not. It's great fun with concrete results for the HR department. Meanwhile I am always drawn back to Saas-Fee, not only for seminars and conferences. Says it and turns again to his six-course menu with exquisite wine accompaniment. That too is Schweizerhof!

Why a seminar at the Schweizerhof?

The answer to this question is not given by us but by the press with an article that was published in the German magazine "Wissen+Karriere". Read and be amazed! In addition: seminars and conferences are a top priority at the Schweizerhof. Benita Hischier is your direct contact for seminars.

More than just meetings

In addition to the cuisine awarded with points, seminars at the Swiss First Alpine Hotel Schweizerhof offer many things that make life more worth living. 1000 square metres of Feng Shui Spa and spacious rooms and suites are among them. But the view out of the window reveals other qualities of life that invigorate the soul and team spirit in equal measure. Mountaineering, abseiling, glacier tours, canyoning, high mountain hikes to the silver mines, winter sports, marmot experiences, rye bread making, team cooking, adventure forest or wine seminar with the host are just some of the offers. Above all, the hospitality of the hosts is enthroned and never fails.


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