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The Schweizerhof at Saas-Fee is a must, for those who love nature, for gourmets and for those looking for something very special. Be it the location, central but peaceful or the feeling one gets while entering the lobby for the first time with its own waterfall over the great winter garden of the Hofsaal. This is the place where we are anticipating all of your wishes and offer something special.

Family Hischier-Bumann runs the hotel. Benita Hischier focuses on the wellbeing of her guest, and her goal is to create the best holiday for every guest: A couple of years ago the SPA was remodelled in accordence with Feng-Shui principles . Now guests can perfectly balance their time between skiing or hiking, and relaxation. A restaurant, a bar and one of the 10 best wine lists in Switzerland ensure that the dining experience is also special.

Medy Hischier (alias Dr. Rebe) is proud of his wine cellar and takes pride in advising guests to find the right wine for their meal.

Hotel Schweizerhof Saas-Fee

One of the top 20 holiday hotels in Switzerland

Private Spa!

Complete relaxation. Absolute privacy.


Corona rules in Valais. Safety is our top priority. We are pleased to welcome you here.


Although the restaurants are closed due to Covid restrictions, our hotel guests can have lunch in our partner restaurant.

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