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With a variety of hand movements we can effect our musculature. It can result with a beneficial pain, which gives us a positive reaction of our body. The main principles of a massage are easy to understand. Surprisingly, the practice in the western world is not that common than in middle east. There people take massages as we are taking showers. A massage can: release hardening, releave pain and improve circulation. We increase our general well being.

Massages & Treatments in overview

Massages Length (Minutes) Price (CHF)
Partial-body massage 25 60.-
Full-body massage 50 105
Partial-body sports massage 30 65
Full-body sports massage 50 115
Foot reflexology massage 30 60
Massage with essential oils 50 110
Partial-body massage with aromatherapy oils 25 65
Massage with herbal pouches 50 110
Gemstone oil massage 50 110
Hot stone back massage 25 60
Hot stone full-body massage 60 125
Hot stone full-body and facial massage 90 150
Lomi Lomi Nui 120 175
Brushmassage 20 35
Specials Length (Days) Price (CHF)
Anti stress for men (Facial massage, cleansing, tonic and a serum treatment) 1 120,-
Men’s health (2-day programme, Thalasso pack, foot reflexology massage and a luxurious hot-stone massage) 2 200,-
Men’s beauty (2-day programme, facial treatment, foot bath with revitalising oils, foot reflexology massage and a full body massage) 2 300,-
Women’s health (2-day programme, short sauna session, detoxifying thalasso wrap, facial treatment while the wrap takes effect and lymphatic drainage) 2 320,-
Women’s beauty (2-day programme, Facial treatment with hand pack and foot massage, creamy oil bath followed by a luxurious hot-stone massage) 2 360,-
Best girlfriend’s day (2 welcome glasses of prosecco, facial treatment and manicure, joint sauna session in our Emotion spa suite, followed by an exfoliating scrub of your choice, luxurious massage with warm oil) 1 620,-
Mini Treatment courses Length (Minutes) Price (CHF)
Thalasso (A detoxifying full body massage that uses seaweed to boost your metabolism.) 75 125,-
Alpine sensation (A revitalising mud pack with essential plant oils.) 75 125,-
Herbal wrap (Cream pack with high Alpine herbs.) 75 125,-
Morning Dew (Gentle and nourishing honey & yoghurt pack.) 75 125,-
Alpine Glow (An anti-inflammatory, nourishing evening primrose oil pack to boost cell regeneration.) 75 125,-
You can book our exfoliating scrubs on their own or enjoy them as a part of one of our mini treatments
Scrubs Length (Minutes) Price (CHF)
Grape-seed pomace scrub 25 50,-
MeersalzpSea-salt scrubeeling 25 50,-
Lotus Bodypolish 25 50,-
Cosmetic treamtent Length (Minutes) Price (CHF)
Babor Beauty Flirt (Serum treatment, mask and short massage) 60 130,-
Babor Shorty (Cleansing, scrub, toning, steaming, deep cleansing and a face mask) 60 140,-
Babor Classic (a preparatory mask with a highly concentrated fluid, a stimulating massage and a luxurious face mask.) 90 150,-
Babor de Luxe (cleansing, exfoliating, toning, steaming, deep-cleansing, eyebrow shaping, a serum treatment, a facial massage, a mask, a hand massage and a finishing treatment) 90 170,-
Babor Superior (superior treatment with extra active ingrediants) 120 180,-
Babor Anti Aging 120 230,-
HRS® Lifting-Extrafirming Treatment 120 210,-
HRS® Lifting-Skin Energy Treatment 90 160,-
Baborganic – Green Glamour Naturcosmetics (Facial Treatment) 90 150,-
Baborganic - Green Glamour Natur Kosmetik (Short Facial treatment) 45 80,-
Baborganic - Green Glamour Natur Kosmetik (Body treatment) 60 120,-
Babor Business for Him and Her (A quick and effective beauty boost!) 90 150,-
Babor Balance (Cleanxing, exofoliation, toning, steaming, deeep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, a serum treatment, a massage, a mask, a day cream and day make up) 120 120,-

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